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Let’s focus on leveraging influential individuals & organizations services to a target audience.

Outreach marketing in the B2B context involves connecting professionals with the aim of referring out when suitable opportunities arise. Several previous clients, such as Niznik Behavioral Health in Miami, Dallas, California, and Colorado, The Haven Texas in Dallas and Houston, Lawrence Medical Center in Massachusetts, Advanced Dallas Detox in Houston and Dallas, and The Butterfly Way in Dallas, have benefited from this approach.

This outreach strategy focuses on promoting various services and facilities, including Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) programs, Medical Detoxification facilities, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP), Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), and the expertise of professionals such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, LCDCs, LPCs, EAPs, and more.

By establishing connections and collaborations with professionals in related fields, these organizations can leverage their expertise and networks to refer clients to one another when appropriate. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows professionals to expand their referral base, while also ensuring that individuals in need of specific services or treatment receive appropriate recommendations and support.

Through targeted outreach efforts and partnerships with relevant professionals, these organizations can increase their visibility, enhance their reputations, and ultimately drive growth by providing high-quality care and fostering strong referral networks within the healthcare industry.

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Our “Outreach Marketing Service” offers a comprehensive package that includes 30 monthly qualified in-person meetings, weekly phone calls or virtual meetings, and the use of a spreadsheet or CRM system to track lead names, contact information, emails, notes, and more.

Our dedicated team will engage in daily LinkedIn messages, emails, and phone calls, ensuring consistent follow-up to establish contact with prospects. Additionally, we provide weekly and monthly reports, keeping you updated on the progress and results of our outreach efforts. With our service, you can expect a systematic and proactive approach to expanding your network and generating valuable leads for your business.

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